The Low Down On Carbs

The Low Down On Carbs

July 11, 2017

With all of the media hype surrounding carbohydrates (or carbs for short) it is no surprise that most of us are just plain confused. Are carbs bad for us? Are they good for us? Do they make us fat? Or are they helpful in losing weight?

Nutrition, like everything in life, is about balance.

Carbohydrates feed the body with glucose, which is converted to energy and used to support all physical activity. Our bodies need carbs.

The type and quality of carbs, as well as the amount you choose to feed your cells, can make a world of difference in how you feel and look as well as your ability to transform your body and lose weight or bulk and add muscle.

Top 5 Carbohydrate facts most people do not know

  1. What is a carb? – Carbs are the sugars, fibers, and starches found in the food we eat. They are a macronutrient.
  2. Carbohydrates provide fuel for working muscles as well as the nervous system.
  3. Carbs influence brain function including mood, memory, and thought process.
  4. Eating the right amounts of the proper kinds of carbs can help you shed fat.
  5. Carbohydrates fall into two different classifications – Simple and Complex. Simple carbs are digested more quickly giving you a spurt of energy that fades. They are known to be relatively empty calories which can lead to weight gain. Complex carbs burn more slowly and provide more sustained energy.

What are most healthful sources of carbohydrates you can add to your daily meals?

– Rice (brown, white, yellow)

– Beans (black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, Kidney beans, baked beans)

– Potato (baked, fries, mashed, sweet potato, white potato, purple potato)

– Quinoa

These are among the best and most healthful complex carbohydrates you can incorporate into your meal prep options. Your daily carb needs are divided up between the number of meals you intend to eat for the day as are your proteins.

Though carbs are often blamed for weight gain complex carbs in correct portions actually help you lose weight as well as maintain.

Diets with little to no carbs are often high in fats and proteins. While this is a way to cause the body to lose weight, without the carbohydrates you may lack energy and it may also lead to a “skinny fat” body composition – thinner but without much muscle tone.

What should your carb intake be daily?

That number is going to vary from person to person based on current size, goals, workout routine and schedule, age, and a whole number of factors. On average though, carb intake should be between 45% to 65% of the total calories allotted.

Not getting enough carbs can actually cause health issues

You may feel dizzy, weak, brain fogged – all are signs that the central nervous system is suffering a carbohydrate deficiency or glucose deficiency known as low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.

If that occurs the body will go after stored protein in your muscles looking for fuel which can lead to muscle breakdown. This puts added stress on the kidneys. Additionally, constipation and other digestive issues may occur over time.

So you can drop the guilt you may be feeling after that July 4th barbeque. The potato salad, the hot dogs and hamburger buns, the beer… all of it, in moderation, is not going to hurt you one bit.

As for day to day?

Don’t leave your nutrition to chance. We make it easy.

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If you are ready to get your carb intake exactly at the level it needs to be – give Superfit Foods a try!