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Our Meal Plans

Superfit Foods is a fully customize-able, healthy meal prep company that has 3 different plans that have been designed to cater to all walks of life. In addition to having 3 plans, we also offer 3 different types of meals (Breakfast, Main Meals and Boost Meals) that are designed to accommodate whatever part of the day you may need help with!

By expanding into multiple pick up locations throughout Central and Northeast Florida (that you will see on the check out page), we are able to offer the most convenient and affordable approach to clean eating possible! On the check out page, you will be able to select “yes” or “no” next to each protein, carb and veggie, so we are able to create a variety of menu options that fit your taste buds!

By using Superfit Foods, you will be able to gain your quality of life back and enjoy the comforts of eating tasty, nutritious foods! Not only will you save time by spending less cooking, cleaning, shopping, driving through fast food joints, going out to eat, etc. but you will likely save money too!