Preparing for Candy Overload

Preparing for Candy Overload

October 23, 2017

Halloween is right around the corner! What does this mean? Lots of candy! Additional sugar intake is one of the many parts of your diet that stocks up pretty high during the holiday seasons. According to the American Heart Association, for most American women the amount of added sugars should be no more than 100 calories and for most American men should be no more than 150 calories per day. One regular size Snickers bar has 215 calories. Let that sink in.

So, how do you balance this sugar intake? Here are some tips.

Do Dark or Don’t Do It At All

Studies show that dark chocolate has half the sugar intake than milk chocolate and nearly half the calories. Also, there are many health benefits to dark chocolate: high cocoa content- which results in high fiber count, decrease in blood pressure, and assistance with the function of antioxidants. Taming that sweet tooth and staying healthy!

Nature’s Candy Is Always An Option

Want to know how much added sugar is in fruit? Yeah, none. Even though fruits do produce natural sugar content, studies show that overeating fruit still helps weight loss because of all the fiber content. Watermelon, blueberries, bananas, apples, and pears are just a few fruits that are perfect for satisfying that sugary craving while also keeping healthy.

BEWARE: Sugar-Free Isn’t Always Best

Sugar-free candies are great for people with diabetes because the alternative sweetener, maltitol, allows the absorption process to be done at a slow rate which prevents a little rise in blood sugar levels. As for the rest of us, just because the candy is sugar-free does not mean that it’s fat-free. If you decide to buy sugar-free candy, there still needs to be a balance in the amount you consume because the amount of calories and saturated fat is still high.

A Little Bit Never Hurt Anybody

Lastly, don’t worry excessively about your sugar intake. Be mindful of what you are eating but enjoy this time of the year! The best mindset to have during the holidays in regards to health is just maintaining the current weight you have. The goal should be to focus on staying at the same weight, rather than losing it. The holidays are too delicious to not splurge a little so don’t go into this season thinking of losing weight, instead think of staying right where you are!

BONUS: (Overall Health Tip)

If you are eating candy, make sure you are brushing your teeth twice a day for two full minutes and FLOSS! Especially if the sticky, chewy, full-of-caramel-drizzle candy is your weakness, make sure you floss! It’s holiday season but it’s also cavity season so remember to maintain that healthy smile while you’re working on being the best version of yourself!