Love your Body and Your Food

We live in a judgmental society. We are constantly bombarded with images of “the beautiful people,” be it on TV, through the internet, or even just standing in line at the checkout register at the grocery store staring at the magazine rack. Celebrity images of those who are deemed to be fit and fabulous are everywhere.

Sure, it’s entertainment. With the onset of reality TV, YoutTube broadcasts, Instagram and more of these actors, singers and entertainers have stepped into the public eye not only professionally, but that line has been crossed into their personal lives as well.

Admiring someone for their talent or their beauty is wonderful. It shows appreciation. The issue comes in when you start to compare yourself and allow that comparison to make you feel less than you are.

It’s important to take a moment to reflect and see the truth of what is. Every image printed in magazines, tabloids, newspapers and even online is done so through the filter of how they wish to portray themselves. It isn’t reality. Programs like Adobe Photoshop allow you to alter every single thing about you. You can make yourself thinner, thicker, taller, have a longer neck, wider eyes, erase skin eruptions, you name it.

No one really looks like that all of the time. Not even them.

Its an unrealistic standard of perceived beauty. It can cause body dysmorphia (the distortion of what you see when you look in the mirror.)

Forget all of the images you see around you for a moment. Look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself from a neutral perspective “what is it that makes me beautiful?” Everyone has something. The number one thing that makes someone beautiful is that they are completely unique. There is only one of you and never to be another. The goal should always be to be the very best YOU that you can be, not to become a carbon copy of anyone else.

Your body can take a beating when choosing to do crash or fad diets hoping to gain that ultimate model like figure or beach body. It can do more harm than good and even send you into a rebound effect where when you stop whatever protocol you are on, you not only gain the weight back but add more on top of where you started out. This can lead to disappointment, lower self-esteem, and sadness.

Why even go that route?

Diets do not work. They are temporary bandaids on a problem that needs attention. The real root cause is lack of nutrition. Your body is literally starving for nutrients that are not found in processed foods or junk foods. Because your system isn’t getting what it needs, despite caloric intake, it will signal your brain to try again and asking you to eat something else. This can lead to overeating and weight gain.

Loving your body means listening to it and taking care of it.

What your body wants is whole foods, in the right portions at the right times. When you are getting the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to run as a machine, the cravings stop and you lose the extra weight it is hanging on to.

It can be overwhelming to try and plan out a good healthy meal plan for many people. Calculating the macro-nutrients, creating the meal plan, making the shopping list, shopping, cooking, boxing everything up in individual meals for the week, and then sticking to it.

That is where comes in. We make this change easy and even more importantly, we make it sustainable for long-term progress.
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