Fight Breast Cancer With These Foods and Habits

Fight Breast Cancer With These Foods and Habits

October 9, 2017

Well, hello October! Where has the year gone? As we get closer to diving into the holiday season, make sure you are preparing to show some pink pride this month! Every October, we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This terrible disease impacts both women and men and is found to be one of the deadliest diseases among women. This month is focused on preventions and treatment options to combat breast cancer. While screenings and early detection are crucial, nutrition can also play a big role.

Keeping your immune system strong is extremely important for your overall health, but extra important when it comes to fighting a disease. The foods you eat have the ability to boost your immune system and destroy any bad cells that could harm you. Try eating a diet that is rich in antioxidants, “good” fats, and fiber. Avoid diets with processed foods, “bad” fats, and yes, even alcohol. Obesity can be a major factor in your risk for developing or a reoccurrence of not only breast cancer but many potentially deadly diseases. Focus your diet on lean meats, vegetables, and fruits with every meal, 100% whole grains, and drinking plenty of water each day. Getting off the couch and moving can also help reduce the risk of breast cancer. Try going for a walk, joining a gym, going for a swim, whatever gets you on your feet and moving!

Here are some foods and habits that may reduce your risk of breast cancer:

  1. Variety of fruits and vegetables
  2. Fibers: Beans, legumes, and whole grains
  3. Omega-3s – Fish, oils, and seeds
  4. Limit high saturated foods – beef, cheeses, ice cream
  5. Limit Alcohol consumption
  6. Do not smoke
  7. Maintain a healthy body weight
  8. Get Moving!

Remember you want to keep the immune system strong! Even though Breast Cancer Awareness month is in October, prevention should be practiced all year round. When it comes to the diet, fill up on the fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Keep a healthy weight and get yourself moving! Moderation is always key in diet, so when it comes to alcohol consumption, try to keep it low to avoid increasing any risks. Don’t forget to wear your pink this month and show your support to work towards ending breast cancer!