6 Ways To Get A Head Start On The New Year

6 Ways To Get A Head Start On The New Year

December 13, 2017


Who else is tired of making the same New Year’s resolution every year? You tell yourself you will eat healthier and lose the weight you gained over the holiday season. Why wait until January? Even with the craziness of the holidays, you can still find time to eat right and not put on any extra pounds. You don’t need to add in a 2-hour gym session or cleanse yourself on only juice for an entire week. You can still enjoy parties, eat foods you love, and feel good throughout the holidays. This will help that New Year’s resolution be easier than ever!

Listed below are 6 ways to avoid that holiday weight gain and help you feel better this holiday season:

  1. Keep an eye on portion size

Try using smaller plates or measure your food. This will help to avoid over eating during your holiday meals. Try eating slowly and enjoying your meal instead of rushing to get seconds.

  1. Load up on veggies

Vegetables are super nutritious and can be very filling, just make sure they are not covered in butter or used as greasy side dish.

  1. Pack on some protein

Protein can help keep you full. Choose lean chicken, turkey, fish, or even beans to help fill you up quicker without over doing it.

  1. Get Moving!

If you are at a family or work party, stay on your feet or even dance around a bit to the music! During the week, try taking a walk, cleaning the house, or doing a quick in-home workout to keep your metabolism in check.

  1. Use healthy ingredient substitutes

When cooking, avoid using butter or oils. Instead add fresh herbs to enhance the flavors. Avoid frying dishes, instead bake or steam meals. When baking, try using a mashed up banana or applesauce in place on butter. Low-calorie substitutes, such as stevia, can be used in place of sugar.

  1. Liquid calories still count

Those holiday drinks contain empty calories that can also add up quickly. If you do drink, save this indulgence for the holiday parties. Try sticking to only one or two drinks and have some water in between each drink.

  1. Bring your own stash

Before a party or event, do not starve yourself to save calories. This can cause you to be ravenous and you can end up over eating. Eat a light snack before you head out.

You do not need to completely restrict yourself this holiday! Remember that you can still enjoy the holidays without the fear of gaining those extra pounds! Once the New Year comes, you will be ready to tackle that resolution!