August 29, 2017

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Except for cookies!

Everyone has their favorite holidays, above all everyone has their favorite holiday food that goes with it. Some people may go as far as putting their “loose fitting pants” on or binge on all of the desserts because the holiday is only “once a year”. With that rationalization method in mind, on average, the typical American holiday dinner is averaged at 3000 calories. If that number of calories doesn’t grab your attention, how about the average American consumes enough fat calories at a holiday meal to equal 3 sticks of butter. There are many ways that you can enjoy your holiday favorites without tipping the scale in the wrong direction, here are a few:

Get your hands dirty!

One of the best ways to help you fight the weight gain is to burn calories while preparing the delicious foods you are about to eat! On average, 1 hour of food prep can burn as many as 195 calories! Roll up your sleeves and lend a hand in the kitchen.

Pre or Post Meal Physical Activity

I know not everyone wants to go for a jog or play backyard football on the holiday but it’s a great way to burn calories and catch up with family at the same time! Playing flag football for one hour can burn up to 508 calories (almost 2 averaged sized pieces of pumpkin pie). Not only will a jog or football game burn calories but it lets you escape from awkward interactions with distant relatives!

Watch what you drink.

Holidays are the typical time for people to be social and also social drinkers. The average American consumes 460 calories in drinks alone during the holiday meals! Not only does the alcoholic drinks make you crave unhealthy foods it also contains substantial calories as well! Drinking in moderation and lower calorie drinks will help avoid racking up the calories.

BYOD. Bring your own Dish.

Most of the holiday gatherings that you are a guest to the host will either ask or be welcome to you bringing your own dish to the party to share with others. This is your opportunity to bring your own dish that is not only tasty but healthy as well!

No Grazing

It is easy to eat a big meal till you’re stuffed to the brim and you’re uncomfortable. Eat till your satisfied and not till you’re full and uncomfortable. After the meals, it is also easy to pick at the sweets and graze on the unhealthy foods and treats! If you limit your grazing you’ll limit excess unwanted calories!

Adding Veggies

It is no secret that the most craved and sought after foods are not the veggies. They are the high carb and high fat delicious entrees and desserts. I’m not saying only eat veggies over the holidays but mix in a variety of mixed veggies and make the most colorful plate you can!

There are many ways to help with your eating during the holidays but those 6 mentioned above are easy and effective!

BONUS TIP FOR CLIENTS: For those of you who will be out of town on the holiday for just a day or 2 , don’t freeze or cancel! We can do the math ourselves, and we’d love to pro-rate your account so you have EXACTLY as many meals as you need for when you get back. ( :