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Jillian Lloyd Avatar

Prior to ordering from Superfit foods I was ordering from another company (they shut down). I was pretty devastated because... read more

Jillian Lloyd 6/28/2019
Kayleen McGuckin Avatar

I’ve been doing Superfit Foods for a few weeks and WOW!!! I’ve been wanting to eat healthier but I just... read more

Kayleen McGuckin 6/19/2019
Erica Altman Avatar

Great food! Easy and convenient 🙏🏼

Erica Altman 6/18/2019
Ashleigh Trapuzzano Avatar

SuperFit Foods makes meal prep so easy! They have so many options to customize your meals and the food is... read more

Ashleigh Trapuzzano 6/13/2019
Chase Ryan Hancock Avatar

Love superfit foods! My wife and I have tried a bunch of meal prep places and Superfit is by far... read more

Chase Ryan Hancock 6/11/2019
Michele Whittington Stevenson Avatar

Easy pick up, delicious food and great customer service!

Michele Whittington Stevenson 6/10/2019
Devin Cousins Avatar

This is some of the best healthy food i have eaten in a long time. Every meal so far has... read more

Devin Cousins 6/06/2019
Steph Philli Avatar

I just picked up my first order and was very pleased. I received a text saying that my meals were... read more

Steph Philli 6/06/2019
Sara Black Avatar

With me being full time school, & full time work, I was desperate to find a healthy food source that's... read more

Sara Black 5/29/2019
Frugal Civilization Avatar

This week was my first week getting meals from Superfit! I absolutely LOVE them! I ordered the vegan meals and... read more

Frugal Civilization 5/01/2019
Marc Simon Avatar

Easy, convenient, and meals are good. Between work and coaching, my time is limited for grocery shopping and meal prepping.... read more

Marc Simon 4/11/2019
Nina Lutins Avatar

Superfit Foods is amazing!! They have awesome customer service and you have the ability to change your preferences and delivery... read more

Nina Lutins 4/03/2019
Jillian Liner Avatar

My husband and I are wanting to live a healthier life style so decided to start Superfit foods. It has... read more

Jillian Liner 4/02/2019
Kaleigh Zimmerman Avatar

My husband and I love SuperFit Foods! With me working and going to graduate school full time and him active... read more

Kaleigh Zimmerman 2/27/2019
Ilana Vogel Avatar

This was my first time using a meal prep company and I am glad I chose this one. The customer... read more

Ilana Vogel 2/26/2019
Alayna Brewer Avatar

As a busy, working mom, I don't always have time for meal prep. I want to eat healthy so fast... read more

Alayna Brewer 2/21/2019
Heather Allem Avatar

This is our first week with Superfit, and we are super impressed! Both the Boost and main meals have been... read more

Heather Allem 2/20/2019
Heather Tomas Allem Avatar

This is our first week with Superfit, and we are super impressed! Both the Boost and main meals have been... read more

Heather Tomas Allem 2/20/2019
Tara Hubbard Avatar

Super easy to use making my life and health easier!

Tara Hubbard 2/20/2019
Missy Moon Avatar

I picked up my order today (Monday) and realized two of my meals were incorrect so I sent an email... read more

Missy Moon 2/18/2019
Rachel Harrison Avatar

Great customer service! Went above and beyond when a slight issue came up with one of my orders but Jared... read more

Rachel Harrison 2/18/2019
Jess Leighton Avatar

I am in my second week of ordering food and I have to say I am loving it. At first... read more

Jess Leighton 2/13/2019
Alayna Miller Brewer Avatar

This makes healthy eating quick and easy. Just grab and go! It is such a time saver on busy weekends.

Alayna Miller Brewer 2/05/2019
Cheyenne York Weaver Avatar

Great variety of food, Amazing customer service. Very happy with the decision to join this company!!

Cheyenne York Weaver 1/31/2019
Amanda Fischler Avatar

I actually loveee how the meat is seasoned! Will be ordering again! :)

Amanda Fischler 1/30/2019
Brian Portman Avatar

Superfit foods is such a lifesaver for meal prep! I’ve been a happy and returning customer for close to a... read more

Brian Portman 1/30/2019
Lauren Galas Avatar

At first disappointed with delivery because the wrong unit number was on the box, luckily Alex was able to track... read more

Lauren Galas 1/28/2019
Kenzie Allen Avatar

Great time saver during the week, and great quality meals!

Kenzie Allen 1/23/2019
Shannon Petrie Avatar

Superfit foods has made my life a lot easier, the food is delicious and the price is affordable! Highly recommend.

Shannon Petrie 1/23/2019
Nicole Scardina Avatar

Highly recommend! I order a bunch of meals and all have tasted amazing and super easy to re heat and... read more

Nicole Scardina 1/23/2019
Haley Caldwell Avatar

so friendly and the food is great and keeps well and it's SO CONVENIENT! 5/5 guys great job!

Haley Caldwell 1/22/2019
Kaylin Lamielle Avatar

Lean meals have been delicious and filling. Kelsey has been very friendly and super helpful !!

Kaylin Lamielle 1/22/2019
Ginger Brelsford Avatar

Healthy and good portion sizes for breakfast and lunch. I’m a working mom so I enjoy the convenience of the... read more

Ginger Brelsford 1/22/2019
Matt Cashflow Avatar

Meals around 8$, high quality food, portioned right for your needs, options available for all types of diets. The meals... read more

Matt Cashflow 1/22/2019
Erin Nicole Jones Avatar

This is such a convenient option to help me stay on track with my health and fitness goals. The food... read more

Erin Nicole Jones 1/08/2019
Chris Gardner Avatar

SuperFit Foods is an awesome choice. Especially if you’re on the go and struggle to get healthy meals in your... read more

Chris Gardner 1/07/2019
Sarah Gardner Avatar

Awesome food and fully customizable to my likes, dislikes, and dietary needs. I love the endless variety and never having... read more

Sarah Gardner 1/07/2019
Carol Kasprik Avatar

Received gift card for my birthday!!! I have not been disappointed at all food is great and the variety is... read more

Carol Kasprik 1/07/2019
Teri Davis Avatar

Easy to use. Super good food. Convenient pick up locations.

Teri Davis 1/01/2019
Kristy Burkett Pechumer Avatar

I've been ordering meals from Superfit Foods for a couple of months now and have been very satisfied. I never... read more

Kristy Burkett Pechumer 12/26/2018