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Mallory Janson Avatar

Delicious meals! My fiance and I started Superfit Foods a few weeks ago now and we love it! Coming home... read more

Mallory Janson 7/14/2021
Sabrina Cooper Avatar

Sabrina Cooper 5/31/2021
Caitlin Choi Lee Avatar

Highly recommend service for anyone in Jax/out of Jax. Options include impressive amt variety and super adaptive for anyone paleo/vegan/low... read more

Caitlin Choi Lee 5/30/2021
Michelle Rowan Avatar

Edited to update: I left and came back, and their foods and service are STILL great. You can't find great... read more

Michelle Rowan 5/26/2021
Jessica Highsmith Avatar

I love the convenience of having ready made healthy and fresh meals that taste great.

Jessica Highsmith 4/24/2021
Austin Townsend Avatar

The food is delicious and there is a lot of variety! Makes my week so much easier.

Austin Townsend 4/20/2021
Thomas Streeter Avatar

Day 1 of my subscription. Meal was amazing and pick up was easy. Prior to signing up, the communication was... read more

Thomas Streeter 4/06/2021
Jessa Carver Avatar

I've been ordering from Superfit foods for 2 weeks now and I am so happy with the service, quality of... read more

Jessa Carver 3/31/2021
Zack Hamel Avatar

These guys are great! I've tried hello fresh, blue apron, all of those meal prep componies but nothing compares to... read more

Zack Hamel 3/26/2021
Tina Likes What Avatar

I love Superfit Foods! I like how I can pick out exactly the number of meals I want each week,... read more

Tina Likes What 3/24/2021
Dezaray Carofano Avatar

Meals are always delicious and well thought out! The customer service is great, through superfit and the pick locations.

Dezaray Carofano 3/17/2021
Madeline Sims Avatar

We just signed up and are very impressed with the results. Meals are delicious. Lots of variety to choose from... read more

Madeline Sims 3/13/2021
Benjamin Hodge Avatar

Food is awesome so far! It makes life so much easier, and you cannot beat the price!

Benjamin Hodge 3/13/2021
Jo Na Avatar

The meals are delicious! It's REAL food that actually tastes great! There is a wide variety of meals to choose... read more

Jo Na 3/11/2021
Nelisa Lee Avatar

Wish I would've discovered Superfit Foods sooner! This has been an instant game changer for me and my husband. We... read more

Nelisa Lee 2/10/2021
Leila Patel Avatar

I am so happy I decided to try Superfit Foods. I am working full time and in school full time... read more

Leila Patel 2/08/2021
Talie Zaifert Avatar

5 stars all the way! The meals are fresh, healthy, delicious, filling and make me feel good about what... read more

Talie Zaifert 2/03/2021
Christine Whitmarsh Avatar

Oh my gosh I should have done this a long time ago! If I'd only knew how much money I... read more

Christine Whitmarsh 2/03/2021
Paulina Ciupinski Avatar

I ordered five different meals and the pumpkin protein donuts. Everything was delicious! The meals are affordable, there is a... read more

Paulina Ciupinski 1/27/2021
Bryn Murphy Avatar

I have been doing whole 30 /paleo on and off for the last year and the hardest thing about it... read more

Bryn Murphy 1/23/2021
Dan Swiedals Avatar

Only on my second week, and I absolutely love not having to worry about cooking and knowing that the food... read more

Dan Swiedals 1/21/2021
Jessica Markham Avatar

This is my second week receiving meals and I am hooked. Meal prep just like I would and it tastes great.

Jessica Markham 1/21/2021
Aimee Johnson Avatar

I have researched several food delivery services over the past year but never found what I thought was the right... read more

Aimee Johnson 1/16/2021
Heather Frinell Avatar

I’ve never ordered from a pick up prepared meals place before. I was hesitant and curious. I picked up my... read more

Heather Frinell 1/06/2021
Michelle Rowan Avatar

I absolutely love their meal prep service. I've only been doing it for a few weeks, but the quality and... read more

Michelle Rowan 12/20/2020
Corinne Bowden Avatar

I decided to try out Superfit Foods to make things easier on myself and to help keep myself on track... read more

Corinne Bowden 12/15/2020
Jordan Jacoby Avatar

I recently started my meal plan with Superfit Foods. I struggle to have motivation to cook my own meals so... read more

Jordan Jacoby 11/21/2020
Chris Lehane Avatar

Great meals ready to put in the microwave when you don’t have time to cook. Perfect option for lunch at... read more

Chris Lehane 11/19/2020
Rain Kirchheiner Avatar

convenient, delicious !! Can’t wait for my food every Monday !!

Rain Kirchheiner 11/14/2020
Sara Gentry Avatar

I am on my second week of Superfit Meal Prep. Absolutely love your food! The chorizo breakfast bowl is my... read more

Sara Gentry 11/13/2020
Sara Kirchheiner Avatar

Superfit foods is an amazing meal prep company for healthy, portion controlled, convenient, affordable, delicious meals. They bring it right... read more

Sara Kirchheiner 11/07/2020
Melanie Ogden Avatar

I tried Superfit Foods on a whim because I don't have time to meal prep and wow the food is... read more

Melanie Ogden 11/05/2020
Samuel Helms Avatar

My gym recommended Superfit Food during a nutrition challenge we were having. The selection of meals available each week as... read more

Samuel Helms 11/04/2020
kelly privette Avatar

The food is really flavorful and it’s super easy to modify the plan per your diet and restrictions. There are... read more

kelly privette 10/28/2020
Lindsay Faulkner Avatar

This came highly recommended by a couple of my friends, and I understand why. I selected the lean down option... read more

Lindsay Faulkner 10/17/2020
Sara Kirchheiner Avatar

I love love love Superfit Foods! Its convenient, delicious and I am overjoyed that i found them! I love how... read more

Sara Kirchheiner 10/14/2020
Melissa Maxey Avatar

I love the simplicity of superfit foods. It takes away the stress of meal prepping and allows me to stay... read more

Melissa Maxey 10/14/2020
Rebecca Brehmer Avatar

Super convenient I just order for lunches because thats where I fail to plan. I'm really happy with it and... read more

Rebecca Brehmer 10/08/2020
Danielle Pond Avatar

We are hooked! My husband and I are on separate meal plans so this makes eating the right way sooo... read more

Danielle Pond 10/07/2020
Dennis Branch Avatar

Let me start off by saying I am a 48 yr old male, 397lbs, and recently diagnosed with Hypertension. ... read more

Dennis Branch 10/05/2020