Meal Plans For The Kids

Meal Plans For The Kids

AJuly 18, 2017

Hey Superfit parents! We just launched a nutritional solution for your kids now!

Do your kids refuse to eat cafeteria food? Do you have a tough time creating a healthy packed lunch for your kids? Do you even have time pack a lunch for them? Will they eat it or are they too picky?

Honestly, we don’t blame them…

Congress created the National School Lunch Program in 2012. The goal is to stop the rising health issues in children; such as diabetes and high blood pressure. As a result, schools offer more whole grains, fruits and veggies. While restricting calories, fat, and sodium. About 94% of public schools are participating in this program.

Sounds great, right?

You know this better than we do; most kids refuse to eat cafeteria food! Kids don’t find the food appealing. They prefer a bagged lunch or even to skip lunch. We don’t blame the schools for this, unfortunately, they are under a strict budget and guideline…

Here is an example of the guidelines (while staying within budget) that schools must meet:

Corn-dogs (Qualifies as a grain and protein)

Corn-dogs are high in saturated fat. They do not sustain energy or optimize growth and development of children.

Potato wedges (Qualifies as a vegetable)

Although potato wedges are a great side item, they must be prepared in a certain way to be nutritious.

Grape Juice (Qualifies as a serving of fruit)

Fruit juices do contain some percentage of fruit. But, they are very high in sugar and are not a good substitute for actual fruit.

The real-life example above meets government standards. But children need a stronger foundation than this. It starts with their nutrition!

This is where Superfit Foods can help! We now offer an affordable, healthy, kid-friendly alternative.

At Superfit Foods we’ve heard parent’s comments on the school lunch issue. We want to help! We know how important your child’s health is to you. Healthy eating for your kid(s) benefits their mental and physical health. It will also improve their overall performance.

We’re pleased to announce our new Lunchbox program!

This is the solution for kids at school or on the go. These meals contain quality, wholesome ingredients. They are pre-portioned for children’s developmental needs. They are designed for ages 4 to 9, so each meal contains 2oz of protein, 3oz of carbs, and a ¼ cup of veggies.

These are some of our healthy, delicious, affordable meals that your child will love:

Oatmeal Breaded Chicken Tenders, Red Potato (Baked) Fries, and Baby Carrots

Mini Burgers, Sweet Potato (Baked) Fries, and Corn

Sweet Potato Spaghetti and Meatballs, and Broccoli Florets

Oatmeal Breaded Fish Sticks, Healthy Mac n’ Cheese, and Green Beans

A full list of our proteins, carbs, and veggies are listed on our website. And of course, all options can be modified to your child’s preferences!

Click here to view our Lunchbox Meal Plans now!

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