Go Further with Your Food When You Prepare Your Meals

No matter what financial bracket you fall into all of us eat a good chunk of our income. Dining out can easily eat away at our wallets. Even grocery shopping, when not done strategically can lead to overspending and waste. Statistically, when ranking expenses for singles, – after housing and utilities food is the next highest on the list.. That means that you are actually eating anywhere between 10% to 20% of your income, depending on if you eat out a lot and how carefully you shop.

That’s a good percentage and a pretty high variable where you could easily find yourself some savings with a little time and prep work. The issue becomes knowledge and time.

Knowledge: What to eat and when to eat it as well as where to find it. The way we see it you have two options. The first is to do it yourself. This is the least expensive but the most time-consuming.

3 steps to prepping for yourself  

1st decide based on body weight, composition, and goals, how many times a day you will be eating. 3-4-5-or 6. If some of these will be snacks or if all will be small meals.

2nd decide based on macros and likes and dislikes for food choices what you would enjoy eating. The more you can repeat throughout the week and not get bored the less expensive it will be to shop. Make sure you have a mix of protein, vegetable, and carbohydrate for each meal unless it is a snack.

3rd – From that menu, make a shopping list. Take that list and hit your local Sams Club or BJ’s and buy what you can in bulk, it makes it far cheaper. Pick up Tupperware containers and cook everything ahead of time for 2-3 days so you have meals ready made in the refrigerator. They are now grab and go! No fuss no muss.

You will find that though shopping and getting everything prepared is a lot of work as the week progresses and you have to do literally nothing but reach into the fridge and grab a box it makes life that much easier.

Too Busy to Prep?

Of course, there are those with busy lives who will say, you know what? I just don’t have the time or the nutritional knowledge to do this. To plan a menu that will be satisfying, nutritious, and cook everything all of the time, I would rather have the time to myself for other things in life. Yet, I still want the health, and I still want the results that come with the lifestyle. It is for those of you that we started Superfit Foods.

We invite you to take a look at our meal plans by visiting www.superfitfoods.co online. We deliver pre-made fresh, delicious, healthy meals right to you. There is no carrying, waiting in line, no cutting, chopping, cooking, or cleaning up. No waste and no hassle. Just great food and amazing results.

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