5 Hacks to Help You Stay Healthy While You’re on Vacation

When you think about summertime, you often think about taking a vacation. After all, the sun is shining (usually), the temperatures are rising, and you finally have a break from work. As nice as these vacations are, you may find yourself falling behind your “healthy” lifestyle. Our team at SuperFit Foods have come up with a few “hacks” that will have you enjoying your vacation while keeping your health on track.

#1 Pack pre-made breakfasts

Without a pre-made breakfast, you may end up at the fast-food restaurant closest to your hotel. This will end up costing you both valuable vacation time and money. To save yourself from this disaster, replace your standard meal plan for our breakfast meals the week you plan on traveling.

#2 Keep healthy snacks on-hand

During your travels, you are most likely going to get hungry during the most inconvenient times (boarding your plane, mid-excursion, etc.). To avoid the hassle of searching for a snack, pack some healthy nuts or veggies for a quick pick-me-up. For our members on the move, we created our boost meals and healthy snacks. Keep your day going with one of our boost meal or healthy snack options. Enjoy healthy handhelds or sweets that aren’t cheats!

#3 Bring water

This is probably the hack that calls for the least amount of effort, however, staying hydrated is the easiest to miss when you’re enjoying the sights! Not to mention, depending on where you’re traveling, water can put a dent in your spending money. To beat the heat and save your cash, simply pack yourself a reusable water bottle for your day to day activities.

#4 Prioritize your sleep

You’re on vacation, use this time to relax and catch up on the sleep you’ve lost the past few months. You may be tempted to live it up and stay out until the break of dawn, but trust us, your body needs rest.

#5 Excercise

Let’s face it, fitness and vacation don’t typically pair well, however, here are a couple fun and convenient ways to fit in a workout next time you travel:

The Full Body Workout by Jared Graybeal

This free ebook was developed to help you stay active with a busy lifestyle. You can do it anywhere and under 30 minutes. Visit e3biz.com/training/ and scroll to the bottom to claim this free ebook.

Rest Stop Circuit.
Goodbye license plate game and hello rest stop fitness. With every destination, there are places to explore and the inevitable places to stop. Take advantage of your rest stops and include fitness to your potty breaks! Pack your tennis shoes, so you are ready for a great workout on the move. This rest stop circuit from johnsonfitness.com is perfect for a Superfit Family.

Visit www.johnsonfitness.com/blog/workouts-while-traveling/ for the full workout.

We hope these simple tricks help you maintain your healthy eating during your summer vacation. For more blogs like these, visit the SuperFit Foods blog: https://www.superfitfoods.co/blog/