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James Kenyon Avatar

Trying something different to get into a fitness routine and the hardest part was mealtime. We tried superfit foods... read more

James Kenyon 1/17/2020
Suzanne Shelton Avatar

Makes eating healthy super easy! Convenient meals with lots of choices. The staff is awesome at communicating with you and... read more

Suzanne Shelton 1/15/2020
Kaleigh Fedor Avatar

Great quality meals! Perfect and convenient for my busy lifestyle and goals!

Kaleigh Fedor 1/13/2020
Kurt Stein Avatar

As a business owner, I am already short on time. Superfit Foods has allowed me to gain 5-10 hours of... read more

Kurt Stein 1/13/2020
Lejla Fedor Avatar

Great quality meals! So convenient for my busy lifestyle and goals!

Lejla Fedor 1/13/2020
Kaleigh Fedor Avatar

Absolutely love these meals! So convenient! I’ve gone through different meal prep companies in the past and the food quality... read more

Kaleigh Fedor 1/13/2020
Kurt Stein Avatar

As a business owner, I am already short on time. Superfit Foods has allowed me to gain 5-10 hours of... read more

Kurt Stein 1/13/2020
Marcy Taylor Avatar

I was excited to have Superfit Foods take the guesswork out of my meal planning, and after my first week... read more

Marcy Taylor 1/09/2020
Darius Martin Avatar

Picked up my meals on Monday and I am extremely pleased with my meals! The taste is amazing and it... read more

Darius Martin 1/08/2020
Danielle Victoria Henry Avatar

First week getting Superfit foods and it’s great! I’m in my last couple of weeks before my wedding and want... read more

Danielle Victoria Henry 1/08/2020
Cameron Moore Avatar

A friend recently recommended me to Superfit Foods and I can't believe how much I love it. I just finished... read more

Cameron Moore 1/06/2020
Jennifer Marvin Avatar

We just picked up our order today, and it was so easy. We’re super impressed with how simple it is... read more

Jennifer Marvin 12/30/2019
Chuck Seiler Avatar

First week getting meals, all have been very good. Good portions and healthy.

Chuck Seiler 11/16/2019
Laura Eastwood Avatar

I was looking for a meal prep place that did Vegan meals and I hit the jackpot. The meals are... read more

Laura Eastwood 11/13/2019
Anthony Abato Avatar

Having Superfit foods in my life has taught me to learn about foods and portion control while making my life... read more

Anthony Abato 11/12/2019
Chelsea Belanger Avatar

I love the convenience of the pick up location, not to mention the variety of foods is great. It... read more

Chelsea Belanger 11/07/2019
charles burke Avatar

Great food and definitely makes my weeks easier! Takes all the annoyances out if meal prep

charles burke 11/07/2019
Stacey Norman Avatar

The food is very convenient when you have a busy lifestyle plus they are very tasteful. This is my second... read more

Stacey Norman 11/06/2019
Caitlyn LeClair Avatar

Helped me lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks! Food tastes great!

Caitlyn LeClair 11/02/2019
Lea Charles Avatar

Great meals, great macros, great service. Can very much recommend super fit foods.

Lea Charles 10/26/2019
Lea Charles Avatar

Really happy with super fit foods meals. Very creative and different meals. One of my favorites I never made myself... read more

Lea Charles 10/22/2019
Caroline Hebert Avatar

Caroline Hebert 10/22/2019
Caylife Fitness Avatar

Great meals, great macros, great service. Can very much recommend super fit foods.

Caylife Fitness 10/22/2019
Hannah Kaylin Avatar

I’m currently in the 6 week transformation challenge with Superfit Foods. Love it! Heading into week 4 on Monday, and... read more

Hannah Kaylin 10/19/2019
Jessica LeClair Avatar

Love it! Meals are yummy and healthy. I’ve lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks on lean down!

Jessica LeClair 10/18/2019
Jenni Ruest Avatar

The meals are great and it saves the stress of trying to prep my own meals every week. Highly recommend... read more

Jenni Ruest 10/16/2019
Dana Cote Avatar

I got my first round of meals from Superfit Foods this week and wow!! Delicious, great variety, super convenient and... read more

Dana Cote 10/09/2019
Malissa Richter Avatar

When I placed my first order, I was sceptical because one of the meals was a bit dry and I... read more

Malissa Richter 9/25/2019
Drew Nam Avatar

Highly recommend. Working full time, I have no time whatsoever to grocery shop let alone cook. These meals are flavorful... read more

Drew Nam 9/20/2019
Bree Hellwig Avatar

Two weeks in and loving it! Very convenient. User-friendly website and ordering process. Tons of pickup locations. No doubt about... read more

Bree Hellwig 9/15/2019
Malissa Richter Avatar

I'm new this week and so far so good, the steak was a bit dry and the chicken and waffles.... read more

Malissa Richter 9/12/2019
Sarah Rogers Avatar

I order from the paleo program with SuperFit Foods and I’m in LOVE! The meals are so yummy - my... read more

Sarah Rogers 9/07/2019
Thomas Sweat Avatar

Super easy, convenient, delicious meals. Wide variety of meals, snacks, treats, and breakfast. Personable staff who respond quick and tentatively.

Thomas Sweat 9/07/2019
Ashley Nettles Avatar

After working in a mall for 3 years, I decided to try a meal prep company to decrease portion sizes,... read more

Ashley Nettles 9/07/2019
Chris Baukus Avatar

Great well prepared meals! Makes meal planning easy and worry free.

Chris Baukus 9/07/2019
Paul Shami Avatar

Second week in and pleased with the selections so far. Like the option to go in and cater to... read more

Paul Shami 8/27/2019
Tom Cody Avatar

Easy, reliable and delicious food. Also, a wide variety of meals, snacks, and treats.

Tom Cody 8/23/2019
Jim Niland Avatar

Everything. Each time I have called I was greeted professionally and all my questions were handled by a person who... read more

Jim Niland 8/19/2019
Erin Ferowich Avatar

Superfit has been an awesome experience. I love the ordering process and the customer service has been on point as... read more

Erin Ferowich 8/07/2019
Karen Steedley Millan Avatar

Excellent customer service! I had an issue with my first order concerning shipping. It was promptly and professionally taken... read more

Karen Steedley Millan 8/02/2019